Bài mẫu writing 9.0 dành cho các bạn học viên thân yêu

Bài mẫu writing 9.0 dành cho các bạn học viên thân yêu

Đây là bài mẫu writing 9.0 về chủ đề IELTS Sport mà cô Thùy đã dầy công chuẩn bị dành cho các bạn, hãy lưu lại và chia sẻ cho bản thân cùng bạn bè tham khảo nhé.

"Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of playing sports and participating in physical exercises.

Sport and recreational physical activity is an integral part of the society. Especially in today's society, where people have a growing concern about health, participation in recreational physical activity has been strongly promoted as part of a healthy lifestyle. What will be discussed below are the benefits of physical exercise, and some issues participants should pay attention to when increasing the level of physical activity.

One of the main benefits associated with regular exercise is the development of a healthy lifestyle. There is evidence that people can enjoy a longer life expectancy by adapting their daily lives to incorporate physical activity. There are many reasons for this. For example, sports perform a wide range of life-enhancing functions, such as boosting the immune system, burning fat, reducing the risk of experiencing major illnesses (e. g. , heart disease, diabetes). In a society where physical inactivity, unbalanced diet, stress and other problems are becoming increasingly serious, playing sports has significant implications to the well-being of the general population.

Another major benefit achieved from regular activity is the enhancement of social life. Combined with a balanced diet, sports, such as jogging, cycling or swimming, enable people to maintain a healthy weight, keep in shape, thereby boosting confidence on social occasions. In addition, sports and regular physical activities provide opportunities for social interactions. For example, team sports, such as soccer, rugby and basketball, allow participants to meet new team-mates regularly and improve social life.

When physical exercise is highly recommended, it should be planned and managed well. Excessive physical exercise, for example, puts participants at the risk of injury. It is commonplace and hazardous that some people take up long duration and high intensity exercise despite lack of stamina. Although these potential risks are not to negate the benefits of physical activity, participants should take precautions and follow the instructions of sports professionals, trainers and coaches. In general, participants are advised to start gently and then increase the frequency of the activity until they can stick to it as an everyday routine.

As shown above, there are a large number of benefits obtainable in regular exercise, such as promoting health, preventing illness and boosting self-esteem. Sports and recreational injuries are nevertheless a common problem, which deserves people's attention. It can be avoided by increasing activity gradually to a desired level, instead of starting from intense training."

Theo Thuyed IELTS

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