[GIẢI ĐỀ IELTS WRITING TASK 2- 10/03/2018]- BUILDINGS: APPEARANCE vs. FUNCTION - Các em chắc hẳn rất bất ngờ vì ngày thi 3/3/2018 vừa về Buildings thì hôm nay đề thi vẫn là về Buildings phải không nào???- Nhưng bạn nào học đúng theo khoanh vùng Trọng tâm IELTS Writing của cô Thùy ED thì đã ngon lành cành đào rồi ấy

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Đề thi IELTS March 10 2018:
It is more important for a building to serve its purposes than to look beautiful. Architects do not need to worry about whether it is a real work of art. Do you agree or disagree?

It is a certain fact that individuals have various perceptions of buildings. While many people hold the belief that the purposes of a building should be placed above its aesthetical values, another great proportion of population are interested in the appearance of buildings, both residential and commercial. In my own view, these two qualities are not conflicting but mutually beneficial.
- [Academic pattern]-“It is a certain fact that …”: 1 thực tế rõ thấy là …
- [Academic pattern]- “While many people hold the belief that …, another great proportion of population … “: Trong khi nhiều người tin rằng …, thì nhiều người khác …
- [Perception] (N): an idea, a belief or an image you have as a result of how you see or understand something: nhận thức
- [Aesthetical] (Adj): in an artistic way that is beautiful to look at: mang tính nghệ thuật
- [Academic pattern]- “In my own view, these two qualities are not conflicting but mutually beneficial.”: Quan điểm của em là, 2 đặc điểm này không mâu thuẫn mà tương trợ lẫn nhau”.

In modern era, aesthetical features have been put on agenda by people and even have been integrated as a core function of a building. In particular, apart from meeting human’s expectation in all terms including safety, durability, space, and facilities, a building should have an appealing decoration and visual qualities including ornamentation and furnishings. In simple terms, a building merely being functional is about to mismatch the market.
-  [To be put on agenda]: things to be done first: ưu tiên được làm
-  [To mismatch]: to go together badly or to be not suitable for each other: không phù hợp với

Meanwhile, in a vast majority people’s perception, buildings are expected to possess aesthetical values. The typical architecture that is worth mentioning is that of restaurants, theatres, churches and other amenities. The simple reason is because only with a unique exterior and interior design can a building stand out from others in its vicinity. This is not to mention that to accommodate the demand of customers and to increase marketability, architects have always put effort into designing the buildings with their entire inspiration. In actual fact, there have existed a myriad of buildings with symbolic importance in their regions and are widely known with great reputation.

However, when being concerned with the aesthetic aspect of the architecture, economic feasibility should be taken into consideration. It is universally acknowledged that the focus on the exterior of a building alone will lead to the increase in construction cost and in most cases, the extra expenditure is not of necessity. When a construction plan has been launched, the bidder has to give a lot of thought into how to allocate the budget reasonably. Besides, in metropolises where overpopulation is a problem and many people cannot afford housing, the appearance of a building is not the trait put on top priority. Under these circumstances, the rationale is to accommodate a huge population rather than simply please the eyes of the dwellers.
-  To be + Adj = To be + OF + Noun
Ex: The extra expenditure is not necessary.
= The extra expenditure is not of necessity.
Cô Thùy muốn chia sẻ với các em 1 thủ thuật ngữ pháp sẽ giúp các em tăng điểm của tiêu chí Grammatical range and accuracy, đó là: Thay vì sử dụng 1 cấu trúc tối giản là [Subject + TO BE + Adj] thì các em hãy viết thành [Subject + TO BE + OF + Noun], cô cho các em ví dụ khác nhé:
Thay vì viết:
Sex education is important to secondary students.
thì các em hãy chuyển thành:
Sex education is of importance to secondary students.
Đây là 1 thủ pháp Ngữ pháp đơn giản và dễ ứng dụng phổ biến trong câu Topic sentence của 1 đoạn văn nên các em hãy học nhanh để áp dụng luôn nhé.

Based on the arguments outlined above, adding visual attractions to a building is consistent with the needs of a modern society. However, it does not mean that the concern on aesthetics should exceed that on practical functions; on the contrary, a building should obtain the delicate balance between the two ideals.

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